Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, And Levine Members Hailed Outstanding By The Best Lawyers in America

Members from the law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine LLC, or Kluger Kaplan, were recognized by The Best Lawyers in America. Seen as one of the most prestigious award-giving body when it comes to legal matters, The Best Lawyers in America recognized the dedication, legal expertise, and professionalism of the Florida-based firm.

In the first category, Alan Kluger, Abbey Kaplan, and Todd Levine were both recognized as outstanding lawyers in the Real Estate Litigation category. Kaplan also received recognition in the categories of Commercial Litigation, Entertainment Law, and Mergers an Acquisition sectors. Bruce Katzen won the jury for his achievements in Securities and Capital Market Law and Commercial Litigation. Alan Kluger won in the Family Law as well as in Banking and Finance categories.

Other members such as Steve Silverman, Jason Marks, Philippe Lieberman, as well as firm’s equity partner Deborah Chames and Daniel Rosen were also recognized by the award-giving body. Silverman and Lieberman were recognized for their works in Commercial Litigation while Marks and Chames were recognized because of their works in Family Law. Rosen’s achievement in Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law also earned him recognition.

Founding Member Alan Kluger stated that the firm and its members are thrilled to receive all the recognition given to its outstanding members. Kluger also noted how these recognitions will be proof of their dedication in their field as well as their outstanding services to their clients. The firm, which is popularly known by Kluger Kaplan, handles complex cases in the state of Florida and is focused on high-stakes disputes across different disciplines and industries with an expert attorney in charge of each industry.

Kluger is known for his thorough preparation, attentive strategy, and deep understanding of the law. He is also the creator of Dean-Kluger Charitable Foundation. Kaplan is an expert when it comes to real estate development disputes, corporate finance, contract disputes, and intellectual property. Silverman is the expert for asset recovery investigations and more multi-party cases. Katzen is the attorney to find for matters involving FiNRA arbitrations as well as Trust and Estate Litigation.

Todd Levine is the founding member of Kluger Kaplan and is known for being knowledgeable in types of various business disputes. Todd Levine graduated from Florida Levin College of Law with honors. Todd Levine got his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at the University of Florida in 1988. He is also known for his creativity and unique style of approaching his cases. He founded Kluger Kaplan in 2012. Todd Levine is also one of South Florida’s Top Rated Lawyers for Commercial Litigation in 2012.

The Best Lawyers picked and reviewed the performance of nearly 87,000 industry professionals. The peer-review evaluation was also used to judge the performance of the lawyers. Their 2019 Edition of “The Best Lawyers in America” received 7.8 million votes.

See Levine’s profile here https://profiles.superlawyers.com/florida/miami/lawyer/todd-a-levine/cc4676e1-2816-42c8-91ca-984f455088a7.html

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC.

Gino Pozzo, owner of Watford FC, has been involved with Football for most of his life. Born into a family passionate about football, his father bought his hometown club Udine in 1986. Gino grew up immersed in the world of football and the community as well, and he has taken this scenario to his role at Watford. The stadium is located within the community, unusual for modern football venues that mostly look the same and are outside towns. Local Watford businesses rely on income when games are played. Gino Pozzo has his office in Vicarage Road and is seen almost daily at the training ground.

The Pozzo family purchased Watford FC in 2012, a team in debt and struggling to make it out of the fourth division after falling from their better days under Graham Taylor in the 1980s. Within four years of Pozzo’s ownership, Watford had risen to the Premiere League, and Pozzo has been hailed as “the best owner in the world” by Andrea Carnevale and ranked 4th on Talksport’s 2019 rankings of club owners. Watford is in 8th place in the League and still in the FA Cup as of March of this year.

Running a football club these days is a far cry from the times when passion was enough and large sums of money were not involved. Today it is a multi-million dollar industry, driven in part by investments for profit, making it more exciting but also much more challenging.

Gino Pozzo has always credited his success with staying open to new possibilities. Having a closed mind and strictly following a developed plan doesn’t allow for insights to help change course for new opportunities. At the same time he feels it is very important to build a stable environment around the club, an identity which supports the club’s aims even when changes are made.

ClassDojo Makes Another Impact On Parent Teacher Communication

Parents and teachers have always found that communication can be quite difficult throughout the entire school year. Outside of the likes of parent-teacher meetings, which only happen once or twice a year, the majority of this is limited to notes that are normally passed on through the students themselves. This can often be an issue as these notes can frequently be lost or misplaced, as well as forgotten about. As such, parents and teachers can often have a difficult time communicating with each other. ClassDojo, however, is looking to give this and overhaul and has raised $21 million dollars in a 2015 Series B funding round. According to a variety of reports, this funding has gone on improving and expanding the app, as well as increasing its overall userbase.

ClassDojo was first launched in 2011 and was unveiled to several select users. Through this, co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have been able to institute and improve a variety of features based on customer feedback. Much of this has included the likes of innovative technologies to help make parent and teacher communication a lot simpler. With that in mind, the company has been growing steadily for a few core reasons, with feedback being just one of these. On top of this, ClassDojo has taken in a significant amount of data from its users to optimize the app better.

Since originally being founded, the ClassDojo app has expanded across the United States, as well as across the globe. For example, both of the founders have noted that the app is currently in 85,000 schools across the United States. It’s also been noted that the app is being used in almost every type of school, ranging from largest public schools to small private and charter schools. The founders have also noted that a variety of different grades have been using the app, from the 8th grade down to kindergarden. With that in mind, the ClassDojo app has been able to help thousands of parents be more involved with their child’s day to day education in a way that they deem appropriate. With this, they’re able to monitor their child’s education whenever they want.

Agera Energy Provides Consumers With Green Energy at a Lower Price

Energy bills are among of the largest monthly concerns for most consumers. They are a tough to lower the monthly payments on and save money. The reason for this is many areas of the us, local utility companies have a monopoly. In many states, energy deregulation was recently passed, this has allowed Agera Energy to provide a more affordable utility competition. Agera Energy seeks to provide consumers with an alternative energy supply that not only saves them money, but is also greener for the environment. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

One of the ways Agera does is, is through their Pure Wind program. This program provides homes and businesses with energy that is generated from wind farms. This helps consumers not only save money, but allows them to be more ethical with their utilities.

Learn: https://medium.com/@ageraenergy

Another key part of Agera’s business is to bring the savings where the energy is being used most. An Agera representative will visit a consumer’s home or business and make slight modifications that will save on energy use without disrupting their lifestyle. These modifications include the use of LED light bulbs and turning the water heater to a lower seating. LED light bulbs use 20% less energy compared to traditional light bulbs. This can make a huge difference in a consumer’s energy bill. By turning the water heater from a very hot setting to a warm setting, a consumer can save 18% in energy costs.

Agera Energy currently operates in 14 states and Washington D.C. The 14 states of operation include; California, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, and Texas. Agera’s vision is for all consumers to have access to sustainable and affordable energy. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on twitter.com.

Things you need to know about Heather Parry

Heather Parry has shown great talents in the field of film production. She is also a TV star, and she has been featured in a vast number of shows. Heather has worked with many celebrities over time, and her career continues to take a positive move through the innovative ideas she relies on to offer the best to her clients. She has been associated with a vast number of celebrities over the years including Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, among many others. Her career is majorly based on focusing on high production that features touch on the new trends of film production and issues affecting people in the modern world.

Heather Parry started her career while she was still young, at the age of 21 years. Being a quick learner, she rose faster and acquired ideas at a high rate, a step that saw her executives gain trust in her abilities. While operating at the Madison firm, she continued to offer the best to her clients, and this saw her win a lucrative opportunity to serve at the MTV. Her career has taught her to be bold and transparent. She believes that openness allows her clients to fully express their concerns and expectations on a particular issue at hand.

Being the current president of the live nation productions, she has continued to engage with many celebrities and highly qualified personnel in the field of film production. She was recently involved in the `A Star Is Born` film, which has gained a lot of fame and accreditation. The documentary which features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has seen the duo gain a lot of popularity for the expertise and keenness she has shown towards her work. Besides, she has also been nominated for various awards over time through the critical analysis of the numerous big-time films that she has facilitated.

Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western LLC

Gulf Coast Western, LLC combines talent, resources, and industry experience in order to develop domestic oil and gas reserves that located mostly within the Gulf Coast region of the United States. It specifically focuses on geologically advantaged properties that are ideal for development. Gulf Coast Western will generally seek out enterprises that possess a strong potential for financial returns. Along with this fiscal sense, they also ensure that there is a quantified downside risk to its participating partners. Gulf Western attributes their success to the transparency in the relationships that they maintain. These relationships are built on trust respect that they say was earned through running their business with honesty and integrity.

The company was founded in 1970 and is based out of Dallas with additional locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Gulf Western has expanded its footprint in Louisiana recently through two key partnerships. These partnerships are with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Warhorse Oil. These partnerships have allowed Gulf Western to gain more property rights and expand drilling locations in the region.

The company is looking to expand its influence to additional regions in the future despite their primary area of influence being in the Gulf Coast region. This planned expansion is very likely to be successful due to the numerous partnerships and reputation for good business ethics and integrity.

The president and the CEO of this LLC is Mathew Fleeger. He is renowned for his expertise in the fields of oil, gas, waste management, and tanning industries. He is credited with being an excellent planner, having great team building skills and is an excellent negotiator in business. Before his current role in Gulf Coast Western, he was the founder, President, and CEO of MedSolutions Inc., a company that specialized in the disposal of medical waste.

Find out more about Matthew: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=9427079&privcapId=61606778

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Explains Why Generic Joint Replacements Are Becoming Ever More Popular

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a medical doctor who works at Bronxcare Health System in NYC. He is the chairman of the orthopedics department and actively follows trends in his industry. He recently talked about a 377-page report about orthopedics that was written by professionals in his industry and investors.

He has been performing surgery on patients for over 30 years. He does joint replacement surgery, usually either the knees, shoulders, or hips. His knowledge of this form of surgery is very relevant to investors who are looking to possibly buy the stock of companies that produce joint replacement implants and the other materials orthopedists use. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is widely known for using innovative approaches when performing surgery.

He created the minimally invasive knee replacement surgery several years ago. This type of surgery involves cutting a much smaller incision in the knee than what the traditional method calls for. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum replaces just a part of the knee joint when doing this surgery rather than replacing all of it. This results in a less painful and quicker recovery.

Having joints replaced is more popular than ever. The report shared that orthopedic surgeries are now increasingly common in countries around the world such as Brazil, China, and India. Another finding was that orthopedic surgeons are now using generic implants as well as robotics and 3D technology to perform surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been using robotics for a long time because it gives him the ability to place implants more precisely and faster.

He says that more generic joint implants are being used today because the patents on the branded ones are starting to expire. This has meant that there are now over 16 companies in the U.S. that create generic joint implants and he believes that even more will enter the market over the coming years.

Even better, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that the generics are often better than the older branded implants. The companies have made improvements to the designs which are based on feedback from orthopedic surgeons such as himself. They are also bought at a much better price than the legacy products which reduces the cost of the surgeries by a substantial amount.

See Dr. Ira’s profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/ira-kirschenbaum-5132001a

Rocketship Education Uses 3 Pillar Approach to Learning

Rocketship Education was recently featured in an article posted on the Washington Monthly website by Alexander Russo titled, “NPR’s Deeply Unbalanced Profile of Rocketship Charter Schools.” The article indicates that Rocketship Education, a network of charter schools was recently in a heated debate after the publication of an article on NPR.

The article in question was written by Anya Kamenetz who focuses too much on the aspect of Rocketship Education as a company rather than a non-profit. Anya Kamenetz reveals that the founder was John Danner who created his fortune in the internet boom through advertising. He hoped to enroll more than one million students in Rocketship Education Schools by 2020. The focus of the schools is a three-pillar approach to learning. They create personalized learning through technology, excellent teaching by supporting their teachers with continual education, and parent involvement.

There are thirteen different schools in the system with more than 6,000 students. They are located in San Francisco, Nashville, and Milwaukee. There have also been plans to open another school in Washington D.C. They focus on helping low-income students because they feel the demographic is underserved. They focus on helping these students raise their test scores.

However, Anya Kamenetz reveals that the pressure to improve test scores causes anxiety because of the long hours and high-pressure stakes in the classroom. Russo reveals that the strategy is not unlike other charter schools and Rocketship Education has improved test scores and created a community of loyal families. Rocketship Education has also revised the heavy technology model after noticing it prevented them from expanding properly.

Russo also points out that staff turnover is not significant in comparison to other charter school systems. The piece was also criticized because of the repeated statement of Rocketship Education as a company rather than a charter school system. This touched on a sensitive issue in the education market which often criticizes commercial ventures in the education system.

Rocketship Education was designed to help reduce the achievement gap in lower-income communities. They believe that training excellent educators and creating a deeper bond with parents can provide higher-quality public school education.

Follow Rocketship Education here https://twitter.com/rocketshiped?lang=en

Hyland’s Teething Tablets: The Homeopathic Medicine Option

The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are revolutionizing oral pain for infants. The company prides themselves on remaining one of the top business’ in the homeopathic medicine industry. Now offering parents an alternative option; the Hyland’s Teething Tablets, provide an all-natural relief from oral pain. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are a new development for parents to offer their infants when the pain becomes to much to bare. The tablets assist babies with gum sensitivity, tooth pain, soreness in the mouth, and irritability. There is no parent that enjoys seeing their child suffer; therefore, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are able to provide a sense of comfort for both the suffering parents and the suffering children. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are made with a safe and gentle formula. The tablets also contain no toxic chemicals or dyes used during the manufacturing process. The complete homeopathic medicine approach to the production of these tablets allows parents to feel safe giving them to their infants.

The Hyland’s company is a beautiful blend of old and new. The company is known for its roots and standing firm in their connection with the company history. However, they are also strong believers that there will always be scientific progression. None the less, the Hyland’s company stands by the homeopathic medicine approach that the body contains natural ability to use its internal defenses to heal and restore full balance. The Hyland’s Teething Tablets are just one of the natural products they offer. There are homeopathic medicine options for a variety of medical needs. Individuals may visit Hyland’s online or in a local store for more information about each product and how they are able to heal the body.

Buy Hyland’s oral pain relief tablets here https://www.amazon.com/Hylands-Soothing-Discomfort-Irritability-Swelling/dp/B0767VDHXD

Alternative Investment with Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider has over 25 years of experience in the investment world, today Mr. Schneider is the founder and current CEO of alternative investment strategy giant AScendant Capital. As the founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Schneider oversees a large number of the company’s activities as well as its primary strategic direction. Although born and raised in Manhattan, Mr. Schneider today lives in Austin, Texas where his company is headquartered as well. Today, Mr. Schneider is considered to be one of the most revered and respected members of the community for his incredible generosity and countless hours of work with charitable organizations around Austin. We recently sat down with Mr. Schneider to learn a little more about this highly successful Austin businessman.

How Did The Idea For Ascendant Capital Come About?

Mr. Schneider states that the idea for the company was due to his observation of the then current situation where advisers had little to no connection to the help of asset managers and top sponsors. Therefore, the idea was formulated to create a company that not only provided this service but have the end goal of providing alternative investment portfolios for the clients.

How Does Your Day to Day Look Like?

Mr. Schneider explains that although he’a rarely able to have a “typical” day when he does have the time he likes to wake up early in the morning and have a good workout in before the workday begins. After that, his workday will consist of anything that allows the company to get momentum and keep it that way.

What is One Trend That You Can Share With Us?

The best way to win in the market is to place your money in alternative investments rather than traditional, says Mr. Schneider. What Mr. Schneider considers traditional are investments in stocks and bonds which according to him are very difficult to predict as they keep moving up and down. Besides, alternative investments to Mr. Schneider are a way more exciting activity to partake in as well.